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An Exploration of You!

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Susan, Sage Creek Couseling

Once again you find yourself staring blankly out the window. You don’t see the beautiful trees or the little finches flitting by. What you do notice is how numb and tired you feel inside. Every single day feels like the one before and there is not much hope that the next day, or the next week, will be any different. The routine never changes: work, home, chores and dinner, watch some mindless TV and play on your phone until bedtime. When you get to bed, you toss and turn for hours because your mind just won’t shut off. Finally, you fall into a restless sleep, tossing and turning until the alarm goes off, and another day presents itself that is just like the one before.

You’re not quite sure what is different, but you know you are in a rut. You know your mood has been off and that you have been overthinking everything. Your uncertainty about where your life is headed has been growing steadily and you are not sure where to turn for help.

You remember a time when you knew what you wanted from life. You felt confident, knew you were smart and had goals. You want that again. You want to know yourself again, but you wonder how do I figure this out?

You’re in the right place; I am here to help you explore you so that you can live an authentic life.



My life’s work is all about helping others, people just like you, overcome their struggles with uncertainty and stress. The decision to see a counselor is not an easy one to make and you probably have a lot of questions and concerns, but I will do everything I can to address these for you and to make this step easier.


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It’s one thing to feel butterflies in your stomach when you are trying something new but is it something completely different to feel keyed up and nervous all the time and to overthink every single thing, no matter how big or small it is.

Image by Dan Meyers


Everyone feels down now and then, right? You just did not think it would last so long and feel so bad. You either eat nothing or everything, especially every single comfort food you love. Plus, you just want to sleep all the time and stay home. Your friends wonder where you are and why you don’t return their texts or phone messages. You have not been to the gym for a couple months and when you stopped that you knew something just wasn’t right.

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You said yes even though you’ve said a hundred times you wouldn’t say yes again. You realize you have always been a people pleaser but never thought you’d wind up stretched so thin by saying yes to everyone and everything except yourself. When will you ever find time for yourself?

Woman in Pain

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness, including chronic pain, affects more than just your body. It affects your emotions and mental state, relationships, work and home. You wonder what caused the illness and how to cope with it. You blame yourself. You miss who you used to be and the things you used to be able to do. Your body is exhausted but your mind won’t shut off so you can sleep. You feel anxious and sad, isolated, left out and hate the unpredictability of it all...




Margot Muller, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

28 Nov 2019

Susan Job-Vincenzo has been a close professional colleague and friend. Her therapy skills are excellent. Susan’s gentle, soft spoken manner is calming in a therapy session. Her character is beyond reproach. She has a wonderful way of connecting with people, and an innate understanding of human nature. I wish Susan great success in her new venture in private practice!

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