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You’re not quite sure what is different, but you know you are in a rut. You know your mood has been off and that you have been overthinking everything. Your uncertainty about where your life is headed has been growing steadily and you are not sure where to turn for help.

You remember a time when you knew what you wanted from life. You felt confident, knew you were smart, and had goals. You want that again. You want to know yourself again, but you wonder how do I figure this out?

You’re in the right place; I am here to help you explore you, so that you can live an authentic life.

You know that you feel tired of the constant worry or the sadness, or that you want to learn tools to set healthier boundaries or cope with chronic illness. You may think that going to therapy is a difficult choice to make, and some may experience “I never thought I would have to do this” kind of thinking.

Like you and many others, I have experienced loss and sadness, worry and heartache, as well as chronic illness. And, just like you are reading this website and other therapists’ websites, I looked for and found therapists who could help me explore where I was and what was next. Several smart, funny, talented therapists helped me find my way through these difficulties. One even suggested I think about becoming a therapist. Eventually I had an a-ha moment and figured out what I wanted to do with my life – become a counselor.

Some of the things I value and believe are useful in therapy are:

  • Humor

  • Kindness and compassion

  • Being human and being vulnerable

  • Meeting you where you are without judging you

  • Using proven techniques to help you reach your goals for treatment

By bringing these into the counseling relationship, you are more likely to begin to heal and grow. I know what it is like to struggle, but I am also capable and qualified to help you explore you, so that you can live a rich, full life. My experiences in counseling helped me to see that growth is possible, that there is hope for a different and better life. I want to offer you the chance to see for yourself that change happens and that hope exists.

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