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Image by Soroush Karimi

"You look happy, but you don't feel happy...that's what depression does to you"

Everyone feels down now and then, right? You just did not think it would last so long and feel so bad. You either eat nothing or everything, especially every single comfort food you love. Plus, you just want to sleep all the time and stay home. Your friends wonder where you are and why you don’t return their texts or phone messages. You have not been to the gym for a couple months and when you stopped that you knew something just wasn’t right.

Here is what depression can feel like:

  • Feeling down, sad, depressed

  • Not doing or enjoying the things that used to interest you

  • Fatigue or sluggishness

  • Change of weight or appetite

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Feelings of worthless or poor self-esteem

  • Inability to concentrate or focus

  • Repeated thoughts of death or suicide

You might wonder how you got here and how you will get to the other side. Research has shown that working with a counselor can help increase your ability to cope with depression and stress and can help decrease the symptoms of depression. I can help you find a path to feeling like yourself again. I can help you get out of bed and get back to the gym, and I can teach you ways to overcome the sense of worthlessness and loss of fun in your life.

Being in the dark abyss of depression is incredibly difficult, but I can help you find your way out and back to you. Back to the gym, to your friends, to your life. Make an appointment now to get started.

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